Dayton & Cincinnati home values drop! Why doesn’t my home insurance?

  Home values in the Dayton & Cincinnati region continue to slide according to recent news reports.   So this begs the question – My home value has dropped, why hasn’t the coverage on my home insurance dropped? The answer is probably one that most consumers will not like to hear. Even though your home is probably worth […]

Stay safe Ohio! Don’t drive while distracted!

  “In our opinion, in terms of dangerous driving behavior, driving and texting ranks right up there with driving while intoxicated!”   The Data Is In – Distracted Driving Is Dangerous! In our high-tech world, there are more and more instances of driver distractions that contribute to car accidents, some of them fatal.  According to the National […]

I totaled my car in Ohio! What now?

   Car accidents take their toll physically, mentally, and financially on those involved. Take the time now to learn about how insurance companies determine the value of your vehicle and you will have one less thing to worry about if your vehicle is ever “totaled” in an accident. According to the car insurance industry, the […]

Ohio home insurance rates increase. Shop now to save!

Homeowner’s insurance in Ohio increased nearly 10 percent according to the Ohio Department of Insurance as reported in this recent Dayton Daily News story. Who were some of the insurance companies with nearly 10 percent rate increases or even higher? Erie: 9.5 percent State Farm: 12.1 percent Nationwide: 14.3 percent Westfield: 15.9 percent Many Ohio […]