The search for the best auto insurance rates – Round 2: Hamilton versus Beavercreek

The search for the town with the best auto insurance rate: Round 2: Hamilton versus Beavercreek  Auto insurance rates differ from one community to another. We are on a mission to find out which city or town has some of the lowest rates in the Dayton-Cincinnati region. The factors we used for all the quotes can be found in our […]

Cincinnati vs. Dayton Who has the best auto insurance rates?

  What city or town has the best auto insurance rates in the Dayton-Cincinnati region? Well, we decided to do some comparison rates to find out! Just one of the many factors that determine the cost of auto insurance is where you live. Rates can vary from town to town, city to city. Sometimes rates […]

How to lower your Ohio motorcycle insurance rates

     Motorcycle owners in the greater Dayton-Cincinnati area may be a risky bunch by nature, but when it comes to your Ohio motorcycle insurance policy, it is not a good idea to indulge that tendency. If you own a motorcycle, you need to have sufficient insurance coverage in place. Fortunately, there are some proven […]

Lower auto insurance rates in Dayton & Cincinnati

Some good news for consumers in Ohio is that auto insurance prices in Dayton, Cincinnati, Miamisburg, Centerville, Germantown, Franklin, Springboro and other communities remain very competitive. There are several companies that have recently reduced their rates.