Free Muscle Car wall calendars! See details.

Get an online quote on your auto or home insurance with us and we will send you a free 2011 Muscle Car wall calendar.  The process takes just minutes, no purchase is required, the calendars are really cool, and more than likely you will probably find out we can save you money on your car […]

I totaled my car in Ohio! What now?

   Car accidents take their toll physically, mentally, and financially on those involved. Take the time now to learn about how insurance companies determine the value of your vehicle and you will have one less thing to worry about if your vehicle is ever “totaled” in an accident. According to the car insurance industry, the […]

Agent Clint appears on “The Deal Detectives”

Agent Clint recently appeared on the television show, The Deal Detectives. He discusses with host, Mike Kilburn, the advantages that Shop Once Insurance offers to consumers over direct companies like Geico and one company agents like State Farm.

10 safety tips for driving in Ohio rainstorms

Just this past Friday, storms moved through the Dayton area which caused three accidents involving eleven cars. However, even a gentle shower can cause major problems on the road. Thousands of car accidents each year are caused by rain and wet roads—and motorists who don’t know how to drive on them. During and after a […]

The Credit Score Trap

One of the most surprising aspects of car and home insurance in Ohio is that something totally unrelated to your driving ability or the cost to rebuild your home may affect your premiums. Among the criteria many insurers use to determine rates, is your credit score. A low credit score could translate into higher premiums. […]